Church Leadership

  • Duane Beach - Pastor

    Duane is the lead pastor at High Point Baptist Church. He grew up in Germany ministering to the American Military. In 2004, he came back to Germany with his family, and in 2005 he assumed leadership of High Point.

    He enjoys reading, studying, and preaching—like most pastors. He also enjoys relating to people, playing soccer, and playing with technology.

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  • Keith Edwards - Pastor

    Keith and his family came to Germany in 2015. He leads our youth ministries, the sound and music ministries and our adult Sunday School.

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  • JOhn & Elva Beach - Mission's Pastor and "Mom"

    John and Elva Beach have been in Germany working with the American Military since 1976! First they started in Ulm, and then they came to the Vilseck area in 1993. They bring years of experience and a wealth of wisdom to the leadership of the church. 

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  • Mel Dunn - Deacon

  • Sean Douglas - Deacon

  • Chris Davenport - Deacon

  • JOhn Cochran - Deacon

  • Daylin Beach - Children and Ladies Director

    As she grew up, Daylin never thought she would be a pastor’s wife. Now, God has gifted her not only to be the wife of a pastor, but also to shepherd and minister to the ladies and children in the chuch. She also plays the piano and helps keep everything organized at High Point.

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  • Danielle Spencer- Nursery and Toddler Director

    Danielle heads up our nursery and toddler program and helps provide childcare during service so that adults and focus on worship and hearing from God during the sermon.

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