What We Believe

  • We believe the Bible is the perfectly inspired Word of God.
  • We believe in a triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the sinfulness of man and his need for salvation.
  • We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work for our salvation (His Blood, Death, Burial and Resurrection).
  • We believe in rapture of the church, the second coming of Christ, and His millennial reign here on earth.
  • We believe in the eternal salvation of the believer, everlasting life.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit gives believers spiritual gifts to be used for the benefit of the church. We believe sign gifts have ceased.
  • We believe Satan is real and is at war with God and His followers.
  • We believe in a literal heaven and hell as the eternal dwelling places of the saved and unsaved.
  • We believe in our responsibility as a local church to make disciples of all nations, to hold fast to the faith, and to separate from sin so that we will be a spotless bride for Christ.




After serving a tour at Ramstein, Germany in the Air Force, John Beach personally experienced how important it is to have a church family to help him grow spiritually. 

In 1976, he returned with his wife, Elva, and planted High Point Baptist Church in Ulm, Germany. The name came from the church that supported them and sent them—High Point Baptist Chapel in Geigertown, PA. After the Army base in Ulm closed, God led John and Elva to again plant High Point in Vilseck in 1993. 

First, we met in Amberg, then we moved into a store-front building in Schlicht. . In 2004, the Beach’s son, Duane, and his wife, Daylin, came to work in the ministry. In May of 2005, we moved to our third location in Vilseck and then the next month Duane Beach became the Lead Pastor with John continuing to serve as Mission's Pastor. 

Now, we have been serving God and the Vilseck/Graf communities for over 25 years and God has moved us to our fourth location in the Industry Park of Vilseck.


     Our first priority is to help you come to God through the door that Jesus opened for us with His blood.

     If you’re already a believer, we want to help you grow! We love God’s Word because it is the tool that the Holy Spirit uses best to make us like Christ.

     Of course, having military personnel in the church means people don’t stay for too long. But, we get excited when we think about all the different places in the world we can touch by carrying out our mission here in Vilseck, Germany!

     We are here for people like you!

     Come join us as we grow closer to our God.