Our Missionaries

We support a variety of different missionaries around the world. We encourage you to check them out!

  • John and Elva Beach

    John and Elva have been ministering to the American Military in Germany since 1976. They planted High Point Baptist Church in Ulm first and then replanted High Point in Vilseck in 1993.

    For more information:

    Email them at: elvaandjohn@aol.com

  • Burdette and Mary Jane Bergen

    Burdette teaches doctrine and practical ministry courses through TTZ (theological training center) in Erlangen and Nuremberg as well as assists in the teaching, preaching and other ministries of the Freie Baptisten-Gemeinde in Erlangen. Mary Jane oversees and works in the chdren's ministries of the church.

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  • Joel and Debbie DIcks

    We serve as the team leaders for ABWE Hungary. Our focus is on partnering with Hungarian Baptist churches and their pastors. Our objectives include various ministry outreaches, church strengthening, training and resource development.

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  • Keith and Julia Klaus

    Keith and Julia are ministering to German nationals. Keith serves as the pastor of Freie Baptisten Gemeinde Oberpfraundorf.

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  • Frank and Andrea Krause

    Frank and Andrea are German nationals reaching Germans. Frank helps pastor Freie Baptiste Gemeinde of Landshut.

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  • Steve and Sabrina Marshall

    Steve is American and Sabrina is French. They minister in Lyon working to start a church-planting movement..

    For more information:

    Email them at: stevesabrinam@gmail.com

  • Amos and Ashley Miguel

    Amos and Ashley serve in Rome, Italy with the ministry CRU (formerly known as Campus Crusades for Christ), where they reach out to students and refugees.

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  • Bill and Betty Jean Park

    We serve the Lord by placing Christ in the center of our lives as we seek to "Remodel/Build Christ Centered Camps" in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.  We also  with God's help to rescue/revive hurting churches who do not have a pastor and we are helping to plant an English speaking church  in Reading, Pa this spring.

    For more information:

    Email them at: pastorbillpark@hotmail.com

  • Mirci and Mia Pricop

    Preaching the gospel to the lost in Gypsy Communities, Market places, Summer Camps and serving in Romanian and Gypsy Churches and in a Bible Institute, while we go anywhere God sends us and we are invited to preach and to serve.

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  • Gene and Alice Burge

    My main ministry is being the President of Baptist Missions To Forgotten Peoples and giving watch-care to around 150 FAMILIES in 40 countries.  Alice and I delight being Mom and Pop to missionaries by encouraging them when we can, which is the main reason we conduct the Mission Possible Retreat.

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  • John and Rose Radank

    John and Rose began a church plant from High Point in Hohenfels in 2000. They minister to the American military in the Hohenfels area and have helped start two German churches.

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  • Daniel and Elizabeth Ransom

    The Ransoms are church planters with Baptist Mid-Missions. They are currently helping transition Centro Evangelico Battista from church plant to graduation. Daniel also oversees the broadcasting ministries (radio, TV, web).

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  • Nelu and Maria Sirb

    He is working in 5 village churches: Dobresti, Hodis, Valea-Mare, Forosig and Ceisoara, which are at around 25-50 km from Oradea. The churches are mainly formed with old people because the young ones are in the city or in other countries for work.

    For more information:

    Email them at: danisirb@gmail.com

  • Steve and Cheryl Winget

    Steve & Cheryl serve on the ABWE CEEMed (central & eastern Europe) Regional Resource Team.  Steve’s primary role is that of an itinerant teacher/trainer/mentor responding to requests for training primarily coming from locations in our region (and nearby) wherein ABWE does not have resident missionaries (such as, but not limited to, Greece, Moldova, Turkey, Serbia, and Czech Rep).  He also serves on the Regional Vision Team whose role it is to assist the regional director in research and vision-casting for our regional team of missionaries.  Cheryl’s role is to serve as ABWE European K-12 Educational Consultant.  She is charged with the task of helping ABWE (and other evangelical missions) personnel deal with various issues dealing with their children’s education thereby promoting missions personnel effectiveness & longevity.

    For more information:

    Email them at: swinget@abwe.cc

  • David and Brandi Prairie

    The Prairies serve on ABWE's 'live Global' team to help with theological education, pastoral training, and ministry mentoring for students and church leaders internationally.

    For more information:

    Email them at: dprairie@abwe.cc


  • Brian and ariel dicks

    Brian and Ariel serve in Budapest, Hungary by discipling and mentoring students to be leaders for God's Kingdom work throughout the world. They also serve as youth leaders in the local church and as teachers at the International Christian School of Budapest.

    For more information:

    Email them at: brian.dicks@abwe.cc


  • Sean and Jenny douglas

    Sean and Jenny Douglas are sent by High Point Vilseck and will work with church planters in Germany. Together they will provide ministry leadership in the church and serve in evangelistic outreach. Sean will be serving as an associate pastor, while Jenny has a heart for children's ministry. 

    For More information:

    Email them at: douglases2deutschland@gmail.com


  • Matt & Tina Huisjen

    Matt & Tina Huisjen serve with Cadence International, a mission to the American military. As directors of The Vilseck House, they provide a home-away-from-home for members of the Rose Barracks community, offering home-cooked suppers, Bible studies and discussions, Saturday activities and weekend trips, discipleship, hikes, Post chapel support, sight-seeing, movies, game nights, etc.

    For more information:
    Email them at: matt.huisjen@cadence.org